I Have Something To Show You

Saturday morning, every Saturday morning, I am up at 7 am sharp, if not before. I do not know why. I try to fight it ever single weekend, but every Saturday I am up early as a bird. Now, I wish that I could apply this habit to school days, but I haven’t been so blessed, yet.

But this Saturday morning was a little different because I was up no later than 6:30 am and now I had a secret. Now, the perfect wife would have allowed her husband to awake naturally to the smell of cooking bacon and a note that says “Good Morning, I love you,” but I am not the perfect wife.

I laid my bed trying to quietly contemplate the new and exciting changes that would come to our life with a new baby and how I would tell my parents ant-i-doubleguh-er.jpgd his parents, where in our apartment could we put our crib in our tiny, little apartment. So many things to think about, so little brain capacity. Finally, after about 2 whole seconds of mind-blowing, physical pain inducing, thinking, I pounce Wesley with an energy level of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. I feel that this is probably an accurate photo of the event.

“I have something to show you!” I exclaimed. “Huh?” He questioned.

“Huh?” He questioned, “What?”

I jumped off of his mostly sleeping body as fast as I jumped on and ran the whole 2 steps to my bathroom then returned. Instantly, I thought about all those cute ways I could have told him that he was going to be a daddy. BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT! THERE WAS A BABY ON ITS WAY. RIGHT NOWWW!

I practically threw the stick at his face. Of course, he knew what it was, because he had seen one before and put two and two together. Suddenly, he was awake and as quickly as I pounced him earlier, he wrapped me in the tightest hug I have ever felt a human give.

After all the excitement and the looking at the pregnancy test to ensure that there really were two lines and we had calmed down just a little bit, he said:

“We should take a nap.”

Pregnancy Test

(Now, my dear reader: I have a picture of this lovely day, but I have some… requests. 1)  I know you can’t see the line on the pregnancy test, but I assure you it was there and 2) You definitely can see the lines of my attempt at winged eyeliner. Please forgive my sins. “But of you, it is required to forgive all men.”)


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