About Me

One day people might say about me “Nicole is an educated, elegant lady. She is always kind and never loses her temper or her cool. She rarely has a bad day, her hair is perfectly in place.  She is fashionable yet, thrifty. She is always beautifully put together and perfectly charming. Never has a mean word to say about anyone. We just adore her.” Well, one thing is certain. I am definitely not this momma. But I try (if by try you mean pathetically, penguin waddling to the bathroom for the 15th time this hour #babybladder).

But,  I am Nicole Cannon and I am quite awesome just the way I am.  I am a wife and expecting my first little baby (Can you believe that’s even possible?). Sure I could improve, we all can, but I don’t need to pretend to be someone I am not in order to be excellent. I am just trying to be me. The absolute best version of myself there is.

Other than that, I am from Houston, Texas &  I will always be a proud Texan. I am just a twenty-something trying to figure out how I fit into this big, beautiful world.  I’m your typical girl next door. I have your typical everyday fears: spiders, snakes, heights, but I also have some really big fears: failure, disappointing anyone for any reason, and being clinically insane. I have hopes for a better future, a future when I always treat others the way I would like to be treated.

I have crazy dreams: like this one where my coworker turns into a Popsicle stick and I accidentally paint him pink and a dream to be the best mother and wife I can be.  I like singing into toothbrush microphones, ice cream, and adventures.Basically, I’m just like you….. only prettier.

The goal of my blog is to help people understand that having a good life doesn’t mean having no trials, that being a follower of Jesus Christ doesn’t mean my life is perfect, but it does mean that through Him it can be perfect.


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