You Are Creative

  These are my grandparents. They are both among the most creative people I know. My grandma has made me a dress pattern out of grocery bags and my grandpa has repaired countless tractors with baling twine and electricians tape. This isn’t something that was uncommon for their generation. Many of our grandparents and great-grandparents… Continue reading You Are Creative


Managing Pregnancy Exhaustion:

My first identifiable pregnancy symptom was exhaustion. I had been prepared for the morning sickness ((Personal rant: For the love of all the penguins, stop calling it morning sickness. This is an all-day battle), the cravings, and the hormonal crying, but no one told me about the exhaustion. My dear husband, Wesley, and I were… Continue reading Managing Pregnancy Exhaustion:


“… or I’ll never let myself live this down.”

Disclaimer: Bathroom horror stories come in all shapes and colors if you catch my drift. This is a not-in-the-bathroom, bathroom horror story. If you get squeamish about this sorta thing, maybe you should skip this episode on a day in the life. I pooped my pants. I don’t know what exactly happened, the last 30 minutes had… Continue reading “… or I’ll never let myself live this down.”


Let Him In

I am a daughter of God. I am funny. (or at least, I am funny to me). I am a Texan. I am a lover of grilled cheese sandwiches and salad with too much ranch dressing. I am a communication student at BYU-I. I am proudly a returned missionary from the Washington Everett Mission. I… Continue reading Let Him In