Boycott: Fingernails

So about a week ago, Em's nails were getting pretty long and she had a series of scratches on her face. I decided it was probably time and I got out the fingernail clippers. Wesley held Em still and I got to cutting. I had been told to be really careful when I was cutting… Continue reading Boycott: Fingernails


Emmy’s First Adventure

It's January, which means we are back in Rexburg. It's our last year of school and we are really grateful to have Emmy with us for our adventure.  I am taking 14 credits of online classes so I can stay with her all day and graduate as soon as possible. Of course, I am super… Continue reading Emmy’s First Adventure


“There is no feeling bad about chocolate during early parenthood.”

Em has caught her first cold which is a milestone I feel we all try to put off, but with the weather changes and a choir of coughing everywhere you go, she seemed to have caught it. Actually, we all did. Wesley. Emmy. And me. Because of this cold, no one in the Cannon family… Continue reading “There is no feeling bad about chocolate during early parenthood.”