Cover Letter

Hello, my name is Stephanie Nicole Cannon and I am a junior attending BYU-Idaho studying organizational communications and advocacy. I am increasing my knowledge of written and oral communication, graphic design, and innovative thinking. I have 3 and a half years’ experience in planning, executing, and leading business and personal events.  I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to grow and improve your ability to have innovative thinking and successful communications.  I am internally motivated, focused, ethical, and very hard-working.  I am personable and outgoing. I emphasize the needs of the people I can serve and work hard to provide for those needs, create a personal connection, and produce a positive environment. I understand what it takes to make your company successful and I know that I offer the services you need to create the very best material for you.

The following includes a few examples from my previous education and work experience. I hope that you will notice the amazing contribution I can create for your company.