Blogs I Love

This is one of my best friends blogs about his mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His blog is rather inspiring and I kinda like it. He is an incredible guy and i’m sure we all could learn a thing or two from his blog.

This is Julia’s blog! Julia is an amazing young woman who is dedicated to God and common sense. I just love all of her pictures and real-life posts. You have got to check her out!

This is Sarah’s blog. Sarah is my soul-sister. She is smart, witty, and just plain hilarious. I urge you all to click on this link, give her some views, boost her ego, and make me very happy.

This girl is an RM that recently came home from a mission in Germany. Her posts are real life stuff and I almost feel personally connected to her, despite never meeting her. She recently go engaged and I just. ahhh. You need to read.

This is my mother’s blog and since she created me, I have to give her a plug. YAY FOR Family!!! no, but really, I really love my mother and she has to do this blog for her classes at BYU-Idaho. so read up.


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