Professional Presentations

  1. Introduction
    1. You were once the size of a poppy seed. Let’s think about that. And that was after your mother had already been pregnant with you for 4 weeks. At that point, you already had the beginnings of most of your major organs, heartbeat, and a unique genetic code only you will ever have. My speech today will explain the process of going from a poppy seed to a full grown, 217.6 million poppy seed person. This story is the behind the scenes look at the making of you.
  2. Body
    1. First Trimester
        1. Organ Formation
          1. By the end of the first trimester, you are the size of a plum and every organ you will ever have is functioning. Your heart beats faster than 140 bpm and you have started practicing breathing by breathing in amniotic fluid.
          2. Every element of your face is in place, which is a blessing. For a long time, people wondered where the crease between our nose and lip came from. Thanks to 3D scans we have some insight into how this came to be. Now remember that I told you it was a blessing that your face came into place, I’ll show you why now. First I will show a sped-up version of this process, then we will look at it slower.
        2. Second Trimester
          1. Reproductive Organ Formation
            1. We all start out with a tubercle which is a small straw like organ that will stick out similarly to a penis. This tubercle forms in the middle of the first trimester. There is waits until about 13 weeks for a surge of di hydro- testosterone. If this surge (as dictated by your genetic code) hits, the baby will form a penis and testicles. If it does not then the baby will form a vagina, ovaries and uterus.
              1. There is a village in Cuba that has an interesting story. 1 in 9 males in their village cannot create or process the testosterone needed for reproductive organ creation in pregnancy. Because of this, they do not grow typical male anatomy. Instead, female anatomy forms that is smaller, misplaced and not functional. When they go through puberty, the testosterone that their bodies create cause the formation of male anatomy. However, this anatomy is also not functional meaning they will not be able to have children. Scientists are rather puzzled on how this came to be as it cannot be passed down from generation to generation and assume that it is the result of inbreeding and incest, but the evidence of that is highly speculative. When I heard about this place in Cuba, I was shocked and didn’t know what to think. However, in this village it is common enough that other children think nothing of it and it is a normal part of life.
            2. Third Trimester
              1. Second Testosterone Surge
                1. In the last trimester, the mothers body releases a surge of testosterone to the fetus that dictates growth. This will affect how tall you are and how long your fingers/toes are.
                  1. The ring finger theory: There is evidence of this surge of testosterone that we will carry for the rest of our lives. Look at your hands, how does your ring finger compare to your index finger in length? If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you received a larger dose of testosterone. If it is shorter, you received a smaller dose of testosterone. This is completely unrelated to our gender.
                    1. There is some research that claims that people with “longer” ring fingers are more likely to participate in competitive sports, are more willing to take risks, and less likely to be content in a routine. The opposite applies to shorter fingered people, like myself. This may be true, but the topic is still being heavily researched.
                  2. Fat
                    1. There is one last thing we need before we are ready for our world debut. Until the late second and early third trimester, you have 0% body fat. Meaning, your skin is draped over your bones and organs and you probably aren’t “cute.” It is in the third trimester that fat begins to grow on the body giving you that huggable appearance. This fat packing is actually part of our genetic code and evolutionary scientists think that it is because it makes us more loveable to our mothers and more likely to get nurtured. So, if you are a chubby baby, just think I am more loveable! I tell myself this every time I look in the mirror.


  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, our bodies are really, really cool and that makes you cool.