Al Fox Carraway: Reverse Engineering Post


Al Fox Carraway is a successful blogger and public speaker in the LDS community. This is an analysis of her Facebook social media account. We will look at her design composition, and color scheme strategy.  Here is a look at her facebook profile which can be found here or down below.

al fox REP

The Design Composition

al fox REP.JPG

In her cover photo, she utilizes the rule of thirds with focal points lining up on the word God, her face, her website address, and The Book of Mormon. This helps someone who finds her Facebook to figure out what her purpose is without reading a mission statement.

Color Scheme Strategy

al fox REP

Al Fox Carraway uses a color scheme of blue (to match the platform), gray (also to match the platform and tan or gold. By using blue in her profile picture, she increases interactions and profile views, as stated by Brother Rognon.  Also, this color combination bears a similarity to The Book of Mormon that she hold in her arm. This repetition builds credibility and helps her to maintain a professional image on Facebook.