Managing Pregnancy Exhaustion:

My first identifiable pregnancy symptom was exhaustion. I had been prepared for the morning sickness ((Personal rant: For the love of all the penguins, stop calling it morning sickness. This is an all-day battle), the cravings, and the hormonal crying, but no one told me about the exhaustion. My dear husband, Wesley, and I were… Continue reading Managing Pregnancy Exhaustion:


“… or I’ll never let myself live this down.”

Disclaimer: Bathroom horror stories come in all shapes and colors if you catch my drift. This is a not-in-the-bathroom, bathroom horror story. If you get squeamish about this sorta thing, maybe you should skip this episode on a day in the life. I pooped my pants. I don’t know what exactly happened, the last 30 minutes had… Continue reading “… or I’ll never let myself live this down.”